Pro Camp Sarajevo 2019


Starts 25. July, 2019.
Ends 29. July 2019.
Location Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Professional Basketball Camp Sarajevo 2019 Marketing Plans

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Professional Basketball Camp Sarajevo 2018 is a sports event realisation concept with the goal of promoting the sport of basketball and it's participants, with great potential when it comes to sports marketing.

This three day sports events which will be taking place from the 25th to the 29th of July 2019 offers a multitude of spaces for advertising and promotion, an opportunity for succesful local and international companies, which operate outside the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in line with modern advertising trends, to bring their products and services closer to potential consumers and clients.

The possibility to brand the sports hall, as the place where the Professional Basketball Camp Sarajevo 2019 will be taking place, offers great possibilites for advertising and promotion, which you can read about in the following packages of the marketing offer. Also, advertising and promotion space will be available on the official Professional Basketball Camp Sarajevo 2019, website:, as well as on the press conference and during the days of the preparation for the realisation of this sports event, when we as organisers will be laucnhing our media campaign.

We sincerely hope that you, as a socially responsible company, will decide to join us and be part of this succesfull sports story which is organized for the first time in Sarajevo.

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