Pro Camp Sarajevo 2019

Applicable Rules

Starts 25. July, 2019.
Ends 29. July 2019.
Location Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Quick Advice

Be ready and be in good shape!

Applicable Basketball Rules

The Basketball rules are the same all over the world. In Europe every day we are closer to NBA basketball rules, with the sole desire to play basketball of top quality.

On the Camp we will play with the official FIBA rules.

  • Playing time will be 4 x 10 minutes (NCAA is 2 x 20),
  • Shot clock will be 24 seconds (NCAA is 35 seconds),
  • Time outs can only be called by the coaches (NCAA allows players to call time-outs),
  • Three (3) referees will judge the matches,
  • We will play all games in our camp with the FIBA approved ”Molten GL7X” basket ball.

Only allowed defense should be ”man to man”. No ”zone” defense. The Team has created a Camp with the aim of providing professional basketball players with a better presentation of personal playing potentials and skills and continuing their basketball career in European clubs.

Camp's Uniform

Each player will be fitted with proper jersey and shorts. Please take care of your uniforms while using them. Uniforms can be used only for practices and matches.

After last game of the Camp, please take attention and just keep your Camp Uniform (jersey&pants) for regards of the Camp.

The Games

During the camp we will organize one (1) practice for each Team. All players are assigned to one of four (4) teams. Gameplay format is the small league. All teams will play three (3) games.

The coaches will try to balance your playing time. If you get very limited playing time in the first game, you are likely to get more in the second game and vice versa. The exception to this is if you’re out of shape or playing selfish, ugly basketball (just jacking up shots, bad decision making, cherry picking, no defense, arguing with the refs, etc.), then your coach may further limit your playing time.

Be aware of the fact that international/european basketball is very team-oriented. There is nothing foreign coaches hate more than run and gun games in which every player is trying to be top scorer.

Work the clock, pass the ball around, and get your teammates involved.

Overseas coaches want coachable players who are good teammates! There will be also box scores and stats of each game.

All games will be recorded! All games on LiveStream!

Four Teams

Total of 32 players will be selected in 4 teams with 8 players.


Teams should be selected by 2 players on each positon PG, SG/SF, F, PF and C.

Participants List

The list of all participants and their dedicated positions will be available on our website.

Camp Teams

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